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At Commercial & Domestic Aluminium, we offer the most innovative curtain walling systems on the market. We combine the visual, durable, and low maintenance properties of aluminium with our leading technology and construction, enabling our systems to be used nationwide in schools, colleges and offices. It incorporates a wealth of innovative interacting components which makes it durable and versatile with great flexibility in design.

• Innovative curtain walling systems

• Effective interacting components

• Low maintenance properties

• Lightweight aluminium profiling

• Meeting the BS EN standards

• Great flexibility in design

Our aluminium systems are ideal for maintaining heat efficiency, and meet the current standards listed in the Building Regulations Document. We use advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure a quality installation and long lasting performance, stringently testing our installations to ensure that they meet the BS EN standards for wind resistance, water tightness and air permeability.

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Versatile systems with great flexibility in design

Innovative aluminium curtain walling

Our curtain walling systems offer great flexibility of design, allowing our designers to create the structure they desire without deterring from the overall performance or functionality. We meet the demands of your modern building requirements by combining lightweight aluminium profiling with glazed sections. Choose from faceted, curved or angled options and create the perfect look for your property. Would you like to know more about our innovative curtain walling? Speak with our team today.

Meeting the demands of your modern building requirements

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